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Unlock Your Core Project Idea: Launchpad is a 3-session, one-on-one mentorship experience designed to help students define their project idea before embarking on a Core project.

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Figuring out 'what' to do a Core research project on can be the hardest part of the journey.

Launchpad is exclusively available as a bundled purchase with the Core Program.

Focused on personalized mentorship and project definition, Launchpad helps students shape their research vision and unlock their full potential before entering the Core Program. Our world-class mentors offers invaluable insights, inspiration and feedback, ensuring that students feel well-prepared to embark on their extraordinary research project.

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In this program you will...

Connect with 3 expert mentors

  • Choose three subject fields that you are most excited to do your Core project in

  • Get matched with mentors specializing in each of your chosen fields

  • Use the Polygence platform to schedule each session to work for your busy schedule

Explore Core project ideas

  • Get inspired by mentors sharing their insights into potential project directions

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and project ideation sessions

  • Receive personalized guidance and feedback on your developing project idea

Reflect and synthesize

  • Meet with a Polygence trained professional after your three mentor sessions

  • Synthesize your possibilities and leave with a clearly defined Core project idea

  • Embark on the next steps pitched in your Reflection Session summary report

Who is Launchpad Best For?

Launchpad is tailored for two distinct types of students:

If you're a student who is eager to embark on your Core program but doesn't have a clear starting point yet:

  • Through immersive sessions with mentors, you'll explore potential project ideas, brainstorm, and gain insights to help narrow down your focus. Launchpad empowers you to confidently define a research question that aligns with your interests and academic aspirations.

If you're a student who already has a well-defined project idea, but would like expert feedback to elevate your idea further:

  • By engaging with mentors from various disciplines, you'll gain multiple perspectives and refine your project to its fullest potential. Whether it's fine-tuning your approach, delving into the intricacies of your idea, or enhancing your project's impact, Launchpad helps you optimize your Core experience.

Benefits of Launchpad

1. Be Fully

Launchpad equips you with the tools and guidance necessary to enter your Core program with confidence. By addressing the brainstorming phase upfront, these three additional sessions pave the way for a more efficient and focused Core experience.

2. Unlock Your Potential

Collaborating with world-class mentors allows you to explore diverse perspectives, inspiring you to identify project ideas within your chosen field that you might not have considered before. Launchpad expands your horizons and broadens your research possibilities.

3. Tailored

Launchpad ensures you receive personalized attention from mentors who specialize in your specific area of interest. This targeted guidance helps you refine your project idea and ensure its alignment with your academic goals.

4. Maximize Your Core Experience

By utilizing Launchpad, you're poised to make the most of your Core program. The foundation established in Launchpad enables you to dive right into the abstract, accelerating your progress and achieving greater results.

How It Works


Launchpad can only be purchased alongside our Core Program as a bundled product. 

The first step to unlocking your Core project potential with Launchpad is to apply for the Core program. Submit your application, sharing your academic interests, goals, and any initial project ideas you may have. Once submitted, our Admissions team will reach out for an interview for the Core Program. In your interview, you can discuss you are interested in enrolling in Launchpad in addition to your Core Program.


Once you are enrolled into both Launchpad and the Core program, we'll will get to work finding the perfect mentor matches aligned with your goals. You’ll receive emails introducing you to each mentor, and instructions on how to schedule your sessions within the Polygence platform.

During your Launchpad experience, mentors will share their cutting-edge research and insights into potential project directions. You'll define and refine your project concept together.


You'll have a final session with a Polygence trained professional. This session serves as a valuable opportunity to synthesize all your learnings and discussions into a clear, well-defined project idea.

During the reflection session, we will work closely with you to distill the key insights, identify the core research question, and ensure that your project aligns with your academic aspirations. This step sets you up for success as you transition into your Core program, armed with a strong foundation and a focused project ready to make an impact.

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