For high schoolers aspiring to delve into the world of academic research, finding the right platform to publish their work is crucial. Business journals provide an excellent avenue to showcase your research and contribute to the field of commerce and management.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top business journals that welcome submissions from high school researchers. We will discuss the publishing corporation, common topics they accept, submission deadlines, and the premise of each journal.

1. Harvard Business Review

  • Publishing Corporation: Harvard Business Publishing

  • Topics: Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Organizational Behavior, Marketing

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling throughout the year

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of business journals. Renowned for its scholarly rigor and influential readership, HBR publishes insightful articles, case studies, and research that traverse the breadth of business management and leadership. It has been a guiding light for professionals and academics alike, offering practical wisdom, deep analysis, and cutting-edge insights. HBR's appeal lies in its ability to dissect the most pressing issues facing businesses today, ranging from leadership strategies and innovation to the complexities of organizational behavior and marketing dynamics.

2. Open Journal of Business Management

  • Publishing Corporation: OJBM

  • Topics: Management theories, Case Studies, Market Analysis, Emerging Business Trends

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling

The Open Journal of Business Management (OJBM) is an innovative platform for sharing and advancing research in various aspects of business management. It embraces an open-access approach, ensuring that research findings are accessible to a global audience. OJBM takes pride in fostering an environment of inclusivity, welcoming contributions from scholars, including high school students, eager to explore the ever-evolving world of business. With a commitment to providing valuable insights and knowledge, OJBM covers a wide spectrum of business-related subjects, including but not limited to organizational behavior, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

3. International Journal of High School Research

  • Publishing Corporation: Terra Science and Education

  • Topics: Business, Science

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling

The International Journal of High School Research (IJHSR) is a publication that recognizes the potential of high school students as promising researchers and future academic leaders. IJHSR is committed to providing a platform for young scholars to share their innovative ideas, critical thinking, and contributions to various fields of study, including business. The journal requires students to contact three professors or post-doc scholars to review their paper, which can be a fairly time-consuming process.

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4. International Journal of Students' Research in Technology & Management

  • Publishing Corporation: IJSRTM

  • Topics: Entrepreneurship, Management, Information Technology

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling

The International Journal of Students' Research in Technology & Management (IJSRTM) is a space for high school students with a passion for research in business and technology. It's a platform designed to showcase the innovation and fresh perspectives of young scholars. IJSRBT offers students the opportunity to publish their research findings and share their insights with the academic community. High school researchers can explore a wide spectrum of topics within the realms of entrepreneurship, management, information technology, and more. While submission deadlines may vary, students interested in publishing their work should consult the journal's website for the most up-to-date submission information.

5. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research

  • Publishing Corporation: Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research

  • Topics: Any business or economics topics

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling

The Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research (RIBER) is a vibrant journal where young scholars, including high school students, can share their research in the fields of business and economics. RIBER is committed to empowering the next generation of researchers and offers a supportive environment for students to publish their work. High school researchers can explore a wide array of topics, including management, finance, marketing, and more, making it a versatile platform for sharing their insights. RIBER embodies the belief that young minds have the potential to make meaningful contributions to the world of business and economics.

6. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Publishing Corporation: Taylor & Francis Group

  • Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Early Stage Growth

  • Deadline to Publish: Rolling

The Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship is a scholarly haven for those deeply committed to understanding the intricate dynamics of small businesses and entrepreneurship, especially in its early stages. It encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of topics, including management strategies, financing mechanisms, and growth strategies. High school researchers are welcomed into a world where the dreams of small business owners and their entrepreneurial journeys come to life in research form. This journal encapsulates the essence of the small business ecosystem, offering valuable insights and knowledge to both academics and practitioners.

7. Critical Debates in Humanities, Science, and Global Justice

  • Publishing Corporation: Critical Debates in Humanities, Science, and Global Justice

  • Topics: Technology and Innovation, Economics, AI

  • Deadline to Publish: November, February

Critical Debates in Humanities, Science, and Global Justice is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to fostering rigorous intellectual discourse and promoting critical thinking on complex global issues. This journal provides a platform for high school researchers from diverse backgrounds to engage in thoughtful discussions and debates on matters at the intersection of humanities, science, and global justice.

Where to Go From Here

Publishing your research in a reputable business journal can be a remarkable achievement, showcasing your dedication to academic inquiry and your insights into the world of business. These top business journals provide a platform for high school students to contribute to the field of business and management, offering a unique opportunity to gain recognition for their work.

While submission deadlines vary, it's essential to plan ahead and ensure your research is of the highest quality. Make sure to review the specific guidelines and submission requirements of each journal to increase your chances of acceptance. By choosing the right journal and dedicating yourself to rigorous research, you can make a valuable contribution to the field of business and management even as a high school student. 

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