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Top 10 Arts Summer Research Opportunities for High School Students

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Whether it is painting, sculpting, photography, film, creative writing, or music and voice, the “Arts” enrich our lives and often bring understanding where logic fails. Arts degrees can also prepare students to have a unique, creative, rounded self-expression, setting them up for success. Many students ask us where they can go to get hands-on Arts research experience over the summer - you asked and we listened!

Here is a list of 10 Shortlisted Arts Summer Research Opportunities for High Schoolers listed in order of application deadlines. If you’re searching for a virtual research opportunity, you can also consider doing a project through Polygence.

1) High School Summer Art Intensive

Hosting Institution: New York University

Cost: paid internship: $7,660

Format: In person (New York, NY)

Application deadline: March 1, 2023

Over the course of four weeks, students work with practicing expert art professionals in what is arguably one of the most creative cities: New York City. Participants create ambitious works beyond a scope they may have previously explored at the high school level while learning about the New York world of contemporary art.

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2) Sotheby’s Summer Institute

Hosting Institution: Sotheby’s

Cost: paid internship: $6,470

Format: In person (New York, NY)

Application deadline: April 24, 2023

This two-week program brings together high schoolers who are curious and passionate about the arts for immersion in one of the most vibrant art capitals in the world: New York City. Students are invited to learn the intricacies of running galleries and museums as well as to explore painting and drawing techniques throughout history. Each course draws on the caché of Sotheby's Institute of Art, taking students behind the scenes of world class museums, galleries, auction houses, artists’ studios, and more.


3) College Audition Preparation Workshop - CAP

Hosting Institution: Indiana University

Cost: paid internship: $1,360

Format: In person (Bloomington, IL)

Application deadline: May 15, 2023

Designed for music students, this one-week intensive offers a glimpse of how best to prepare for college auditions. Recommended for vocalists, brass and woodwind players, and composers entering grades 11 and 12 who are planning to apply for entrance to college music programs.

4) Parsons Summer Intensive Studies

Hosting Institution: Parsons New School

Cost: paid internship: $4,675

Format: In person (New York, NY or Paris France)

Application deadline: May 15, 2023 or June 8, 2023

Offered twice this summer, this three-week program is designed for arts-minded high school students. Participants enjoy skill-building project-based learning, art and design field trips, guest speakers, and portfolio reviews, and can earn 3 college credits. 

5) Art as Experience: Drawing and New Media Program 

Hosting Institution: Cornell University

Cost: paid internship: $5,040

Format: Online

Application deadline: May 26, 2023

This introductory course expands a student’s understanding of the ideas and practices of art today. Studio projects include a range of media from drawing and collage to digital photography and video installation. Participants attend online seminars, synchronous & asynchronous lectures, labs, and discussions, supplemented by readings and critiques. Students may earn 3 college credits.

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6) Digital Filmmaking Summer Institute

Hosting Institution: UCLS

Cost: paid internship: $4,225

Format: In person (Los Angeles, CA)

Application deadline: June 1, 2023

High school students from around the world study filmmaking over the course of two-weeks. An intensive production workshop designed for rising high school juniors, and seniors, participants are immersed in the creativity and technique of cinematic storytelling and challenged to create entertaining narrative projects. 

7) 3D Art Studio 

Hosting Institution: Syracuse University

Cost: paid internship: $1,985-9,615

Format: In person (Syracuse, NY) or online

Application deadline: N.A.

This two-week program is designed for sculpture artists seeking to complete their arts program application portfolio. With a blend of morning classes on techniques and practices and afternoons in the studio working on individual projects, students receive reviews and critiques from peers, teachers, and professional artists. The program culminates in a collaborative curation of a group exhibition in the Sarah A. Coyne Gallery of Art. 

8) SCAD Rising Star

Hosting Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design

Cost: paid internship: $6,165

Format: In person (Atlanta, GA or Savannah, GA)

Application deadline: N.A.

This intensive five-week program invites students to enroll in two college-level classes while simultaneously building their personal portfolios. The program includes courses in a variety of disciplines, and students have the option of participating online, or in Savannah, Atlanta, or even Hong Kong. Course options include: Survey of Animation: Professional Pathways, Drawing I: Form and Space, Introduction to Fashion Design, Illustrative Anatomy and Perspective, Camera Exploration and Technique, among many others. 

9) AIM: Creative Writing

Hosting Institution: Boston University

Cost: paid internship: $5,131 + room/board

Format: In person (Charles River, MA)

Application deadline: None

Intensive three-week writing program teaches formal techniques and approaches to writing poetry, fiction, and screenplays. The three-week course concludes with a “writers showcase,” where students share original pieces with peers and other members of the BU community.

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10) Creative Writing Academy

Hosting Institution: Georgetown University

Cost: paid internship: $2,500-3,225

Format: In person (Washington, DC) 

Application deadline: None

Whether a local commuter or residential student, the invitation here is to transform dreams, ideas, and stories into organized, compelling, creative written works. Participants enjoy a combination of workshops and tutorials that help generate and polish more original creative works. Students are also exposed to the publishing and professionalization aspects of the industry.

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