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Top 10 Medical Research Project Ideas for High School Students

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The field of medicine is constantly growing and changing, and there are always new challenges for researchers to tackle. Think back to the progression of COVID-19 and how it started with diagnosis after diagnosis but no treatment or end in sight. Thanks to research, clinical studies, and technological advancements, we now have readily available vaccinations. Whether medical researchers are working to improve treatments or to create new ones, there is always work to be done.

If you are fascinated by the advancement of medicine, this could be a great research topic for you to explore! Here’s a list of 10 virtual research project ideas to get you started. If you any of these pique your interest, sign up to get matched with a mentor and get started on your project!

1) The Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Medicine

Level: Beginner 

Virtual realities are becoming the norm around households and even classrooms these days! Did you know that they are also starting to be incorporated within the world of medicine? Take a deeper dive into this topic and write a research paper on your findings! 

Idea by mentor Mina 

2) High School Health Independence

Level: Beginner 

Sometimes, it’s hard for teens to pinpoint a medical problem that they might be facing. How can we better educate high schoolers on the ins and outs of self care and living a healthy life? Brainstorm ways to introduce positive lifestyle mechanisms to this specific age group. 

Idea by mentor Margaret 

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3) How Does Aristotle Inform Decision-Making at the End of Life in the U.S. Healthcare System?

Level: Beginner 

Sometimes, medical decisions can interfere with what you believe is ethically correct. To help with this, clinicians should have some sort of guide to help them through decision making processes. For this project you will grasp a better understanding of Aristotle’s principles, ethics, and more to assist with medical decision making. 

Idea by mentor Avery 

4) A Review of how Genomics has Transformed Medicine

Level: Beginner 

Cancer treatments are now being personalized and it’s largely due to genomics! Take time to do your research and explore all of the advances that genomics has allowed us to reach. 

Idea by mentor Trudy 

5) What can Songbirds Teach us About Premature Infants? 

Level: Intermediate 

Due to the advancement of medicine, more premature babies are given a chance at life than ever before. However, some of these babies unfortunately grow to develop some sort of mental impairment which points back to their time spent in the NICU. Is the sensory overload found within the rooms of the NICU altering brain development?

Idea by mentor Naomi 

6) Under the Dermatoscope: A Fact Check of Common Skin Care and Sun Protection Advice

Level: Intermediate 

If you find yourself buying lotions and serums to protect your skin from the sun, this could be the project for you! Do your research on all things dermatology! What really causes skin damage and how do you know you’re using the correct ointments? Create a blog or podcast on skin health. 

Idea by mentor Austin

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7) Development of New Cancer Treatment with Targeted Medicine

Level: Advanced 

Explore the world of medicine by helping treat a cancer type of your choice! For this project you will invent a drug by learning more about cancerous cellular markers. You will focus on targeting those specific markers with the drug that you develop. Write a research paper or create a poster presentation to explain your creation. 

Idea by mentor Clayton

8) How will Personalized Medicine Affect the Costs of Medical Care?

Level: Advanced 

You went to the doctor and used your insurance, yet, you still received a large bill in the mail. Better yet? You have to go back to the doctor because the treatment given to you didn't work. It’s time to incorporate personalized medicine into our healthcare system. Do your research to gain an understanding on why this has yet to happen and what we should do to get there. 

Idea by mentor Alejandro

9) Pitch Me a Med Device Startup!

Level: Advanced 

When COVID came, we were forced to adapt to a world of social distancing. Long gone are the days where we have to physically show up to a doctor's appointment! Zoom telehealth appointments are all the hype nowadays whether you are suffering from the common cold or need to meet with your therapist. Determine a medical issue that does not yet have a remote checkup option available. Create a pitch to prove the needs of your app. 

Idea by mentor Kyle

10) Tranexamic Acid as a Treatment for Drug-Induced Angioedema

Level: Advanced 

Unfortunately, we probably all know someone with high blood pressure as it’s one of the most common diagnoses in the U.S. Even though there are plenty of medications that help control the spike in blood pressure, many of them have awful side effects. "Angioedema" is one of the most common effects which can be very dangerous if left untreated. Do your research to develop a treatment plan for these patients. 

Idea by mentor Gaurav    

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