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Navya Dalmia

Lakeside SchoolClass of 2023Seattle, WA


Hello! My name is Navya Dalmia and my Polygence project is on how increases in minimum wage adversely impact low-wage workers. I chose this project because working a minimum wage job, I realized how unrealistic it is to sustain a family with that much revenue and wanted to know more about how, economically, federal minimum wages are set and why they haven't changed with the current rates of inflation. After my project is complete, I hope to publish my paper and continue to expand my knowledge on minimum wages through taking more economics classes and conducting more research.

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In what ways does an increase in federal minimum wage in the United States harm low-income workers?

Started June 29, 2022

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This study summarizes a few articles on how increasing the federal minimum wage impacts low income families and analyzes the effect of minimum wage increases on unemployment in Washington. Specifically, the study follows two different strands of research on minimum wage increases: how minimum wage affects prices in the market of goods and services and how minimum wage affects unemployment. In the analysis, I use contemporary price data and CPS data on unemployment to see what effect the minimum wage increases in the state of Washington have had on prices and unemployment using Oregon as a control state. This study finds evidence that increases in the minimum wage are correlated with rising prices and unemployment for low-wage workers. Increasing minimum wages may adversely impact low income families by creating a cycle of higher prices and subsequent minimum wage increases, as well as firms having to fire more employees due to the artificial price floor.