Mathematics is a fascinating and versatile field that forms the backbone of many scientific and technological advancements. High school students with a passion for numbers and problem-solving may find math summer programs to be an enriching experience. These programs provide valuable insights into the world of mathematics and offer students a glimpse into potential career paths and opportunities for further academic growth.

Here, we’ll delve into the top 10 math summer programs for high school students.

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  • Hosting Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Application Deadline: Late November

  • Cost: Free

MIT PRIMES-USA is an exceptional opportunity for high school students hosted by MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The program offers a unique platform for young mathematicians to engage in advanced mathematical research with the guidance of MIT faculty. Participants explore a diverse range of mathematical topics, from combinatorics to algebraic geometry. This intellectually stimulating program provides a deeper understanding of concepts and cultivates skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving that are essential for future success.


  • Hosting Institution: Boston University

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

  • Application Deadline: Early March

  • Cost: $6,000

PROMYS, hosted at Boston University, is an intense and immersive summer program designed for ambitious high school students fascinated by mathematics. Throughout this six-week program, students delve into the depths of number theory, tackling challenging problems and engaging in collaborative exploration. This program emphasizes the beauty of mathematics, encouraging a deeper understanding of fundamental principles. Additionally, the vibrant academic community and interactions with mentors lay a solid foundation for future studies. 

3. Ross Mathematics Program

  • Hosting Institution: The Ohio State University

  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

  • Application Deadline: Late March

  • Cost: $6,000

The Ross Mathematics program is a rigorous summer experience tailored for high school students passionate about mathematics. It offers an intense deep dive into various mathematical concepts. Through challenging problem sets, lectures, and a stimulating environment, participants engage with fellow math enthusiasts and cultivate critical thinking skills. The program aims to foster a deeper understanding of mathematics and wants to prepare students for further studies.

4. Canada/USA Mathcamp

  • Hosting Institution: Various campuses in the USA and Canada

  • Location: Rotating locations across the USA and Canada

  • Application Deadline: Late March

  • Cost: $5,000

Canada/USA Mathcamp is a vibrant and intellectually stimulating summer program for young mathematicians. Held at various campuses across the US and Canada, it offers an enriching experience encompassing challenging coursework, collaborative problem-solving, and a strong sense of community. Participants explore advanced math topics and form lasting connections with like-minded peers. This program helps to sharpen a student’s mathematical skills as well as provides valuable insights into the diverse applications of mathematics.

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5. Research Science Institute (RSI)

  • Hosting Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Application Deadline: Early December

  • Cost: Free

Research Science Institute (RSI), hosted at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a highly competitive and fully funded summer program. It brings together exceptional high school students from around the world to engage in cutting-edge scientific research, including mathematics, under the mentorship of distinguished researchers. The program offers a unique opportunity to explore various areas of mathematics and gain exposure to the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific inquiry.

6. AwesomeMath Summer Program

  • Hosting Institution: AwesomeMath

  • Location: Online

  • Application Deadline: Mid-January to Late May

  • Cost: $1,075 - $1,375 (depends on which round you apply)

The AwesomeMath summer program is a three-week program designed to elevate students’ mathematical thinking and prepare them for math competitions and beyond. Held online, this program provides an environment where participants work on challenging problem sets, engage in interactive lectures, and collaborate with like-minded peers. The experience nurtures a passion for problem-solving in a supportive and encouraging community of fellow math enthusiasts.

7. New York Math Circle (NYMC) Summer Program

  • Hosting Institution: Columbia University

  • Location: New York, New York

  • Application Deadline: Late May

  • Cost: $800

The New York Math Circle (NYMC) summer program, based in New York City, offers a unique summer experience for high school students. Through interactive workshops with esteemed guest lecturers and group discussions, students delve into a wide array of mathematical topics. The program enables students to explore their intellectual curiosity and creativity, enabling them to strengthen their problem-solving skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and elegance of mathematics.

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8. MathROOTS

  • Hosting Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Application Deadline: Early March

  • Cost: Free

MathROOTS is an innovative summer program that combines mathematics with creative elements. Hosted at MIT and part of PRIMES, the program dives into various mathematical topics, emphasizing problem-solving, exploration, and expression. Participants engage in mathematical discussions, projects, and group activities, fostering a unique blend of mathematical understanding and creative thinking in a supportive and collaborative environment.

9 California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS)

  • Hosting Institution: University of California, various campuses

  • Location: Across California

  • Application Deadline: Early February

  • Cost: $5,000

COSMOS is a month-long summer program that offers a specialized track in mathematics. Students study a wide range of topics, including cryptography, game theory, and mathematical modelling. The program combines lectures, hands-on activities, and group projects, providing a holistic experience for students to explore mathematics and its applications while collaborating with a diverse group of peers.

10. Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC)

  • Hosting Institution: Stanford University

  • Location: Stanford, California

  • Application Deadline: Early February

  • Cost: $8,250

SUMaC is an intensive summer program hosted by and at Stanford University for high-achieving high school students with a strong interest in mathematics. The program offers a challenging curriculum with a focus on number theory, algebra, and discrete mathematics. Participants engage in rigorous coursework, problem-solving sessions, and collaborative projects, all designed to deepen their mathematical understanding and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, the program includes guest lectures and opportunities to interact with Stanford faculty, providing a taste of collegiate mathematics studies. 

From the esteemed halls of MIT to the vibrant campuses of various universities, these programs provide an intellectually stimulating environment for students to delve into advanced mathematical concepts, engage in collaborative research, and interact with like-minded peers. Each program comes with its unique approach, focusing on problem-solving, creativity, or the intersection of mathematics and other disciplines.


For high school students aspiring to make a mark, these math summer programs stand as gateways to a world of endless possibilities. They provide the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to tackle the complex challenges of tomorrow and to contribute to a future driven by innovation and a profound understanding of the mathematical underpinnings that shape our world.

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