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Introducing PolyPilot! The First AI-Guided Mentored Research Program

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I’m very excited to share the launch of our new Polygence program: PolyPilot! When we co-founded Polygence with Jin Chow, we were (and are still) driven by the goal of democratizing research and mentorship — and PolyPilot is an important milestone in achieving our mission.

While all of the Polygence programs strive towards democratization in education, PolyPilot will expand access to research and mentorship even further. The program, a hybrid of mentorship and AI-powered chat guidance, is the first of its kind. Blending the power of mentorship with cutting-edge AI technology, we’re able to provide a program that is affordable to even more families.

Through my own personal experience earning my PhD in Quantum Physics from MIT and the mentorship I’ve received throughout my academic and professional careers, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges students face to access the resources and guidance they need to be inspired and succeed. PolyPilot was designed to give students that access - and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. 

What is PolyPilot?

It’s a self-paced, interactive dashboard that gives students a roadmap to an Independent Research Project. Through AI chat guidance, students can brainstorm a project idea, create a project plan, find reliable resources, outline their paper and more. Unlike ChatGPT, PolyPilot is designed to guide a student— not do the work for them. What makes PolyPilot really special, though, is the mentor checkpoints throughout the program. PolyPilot students get matched with a mentor who is uniquely qualified to guide their chosen project, and that mentor provides feedback at critical moments to make sure they’re on the right track. 

PolyPilot is an important step forward in a world where AI is changing and advancing the landscape of education. And this hybrid approach is, what we believe, a critical step in ethical use of AI, and what makes the program true to Polygence’s mission - bringing the impact of mentorship to more students.

How Can You Start a PolyPilot Project?

Students can sign up for a free account to give PolyPilot a try. Once you’ve identified your project idea (with PolyPilot’s guidance), you’ll be prompted to create a paid account and get assigned a mentor. And the rest is a journey that you’ll embark on, with PolyPilot and your mentor by your side.

I can’t wait to see what you create.