ILLUSTRATION OF AI BY CHAMP PANUPONG TECHAWONGTHAWON as part of the Visualising AI project launched by Google DeepMind.

From Turing to Teaching Techniques

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

and How Educators Can Use it to Support

Student Growth

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Key takeaways

1. The origins of Artificial Intelligence in theory and practice 

2. How chatbots are driving changes to secondary and higher education academic policies

3. Practical examples of how to use AI to advance student learning, from college classrooms to online programs like PolyPilot

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This paper traces the invention of artificial intelligence from computing pioneers like Alan Turing and John McCarthy to its current use by educators in high school and college classrooms. It explores initial dreams for what AI technologies might accomplish, highlights key moments of its development, and how that history has led to the current breakthrough of Large Language Models. After presenting expert tips for adopting AI use into teaching and counseling practices, it concludes with an example of how blending artificial intelligence and human mentorship can increase access to individualized learning support in the future.

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