Our Commitment to Social Impact

NewsJin Chow

Polygence has, since its inception, been committed to widening educational access and providing equal opportunity to students from all backgrounds. To date, we have partnered with almost a dozen NGO’s, public schools, and grass-roots organizations to offer Polygence mentorships free of cost or at reduced cost for over 150 students.

At Polygence, we believe that the love of learning is something that every learner—no matter background, age, ethnicity, or orientation—deserves to cultivate. In 2021, we set up a 501(c)3 non-profit called the Polygence Scholars Foundation where we collect donations and fundraise for our financial aid and pro bono programs.

We would not have been able to serve these amazingly talented students without our incredible partner organizations. By now, our pro-bono network has spanned beyond just the United States as we begin to expand our reach in Southeast and East Asia as well as in Africa. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the partners we’ve worked with in the past three years:

  • Peninsula Bridge: College success program for low-income, first generation students in the Bay Area
  • Homeworks Trenton: Residential program for Black and Brown teenage girls in the Trenton public school system
  • Breakthrough Silicon Valley: College success program for low-income, first generation students in the San Jose public school system
  • Dawson Summer Institute: A unique, tuition-free program that provides enriching, intellectual opportunities for high-achieving public middle school students from Boulder County in Colorado and surrounding areas
  • Point Avenue: We’ve worked with a number of low-income students that are currently working pro bono with Point Avenue, an education company based in Vietnam and Thailand
  • Robin Levi Consulting: We’ve worked with a number of low-income students who are engaged in a college counseling program at Robin Levi Consulting, a company based in the US.
  • A number of public high schools in the US

Click to learn more about our pro-bono partnership with Queen Elizabeth Girls High School in Harere, Zimbabwe.