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Project Portfolio

What are the most critical information and resources immigrants need to navigate naturalization successfully, and how can an online website guide effectively provide support to address their challenges?

Started June 22, 2023

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Abstract or project description

This website aims to aid immigrants in applying for temporary or permanent residency in the United States. The United States immigration system is complex and has several pathways for immigrants, depending on their eligibility and the duration of their residency. Many potential applicants have limited access to resources and legal information about the immigration system, leading to the risk of deportation, legal repercussions, and application denial. This website will explain the rights afforded to immigrants, deportation, visa options, legal documents, and general immigration help. In order to provide this information, I researched several Supreme Court cases to provide examples within topics, as well as referencing government websites to make the information easily accessible. In addition to incorporating information from external websites, I conferred with people who have been through the US immigration system. This research aims to provide a simple and accessible guide to the United States immigration system.