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Polygence Scholar2023
Zahreeyat Hasan's profile

Zahreeyat Hasan

Class of 2025Portland, OR


Hello! My name is Zahra (Zahreeyat) Hasan, and my project is about working to create an increase in knowledge around our government and improve civic engagement amongst youth. I chose to work on this project to inform and engage a younger audience who might be unaware of their political world and what to do about it. After completing my project, I will continue to follow through with it and build off of the new research and opportunities it brings me.


  • "How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged?" with mentor Sam (Dec. 18, 2023)

Zahreeyat's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged?

Started May 15, 2023

Abstract or project description

How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged? In this project, I am going to design a website targeted towards the students of Portland. This website will push them to be more active in their political community by breaking down the usage of government resources and offering an easy way to display ongoing bills and political discussion. In general, young people are less politically engaged than older people. The youth of Portland follow this trend—they tend to be less engaged in their political community due to the struggles of not understanding how to use their resources and being disengaged with their city’s politics. My website will provide an easy to follow guide on how to use and access city resources, unbiased information, and ways to get involved in their community. For example, the website will explain what a council agenda is. It is an agenda used in city council meetings to organize and describe the contents which will be discussed during these meetings. The website will also explain terms like what a proclamation is. A proclamation is an official announcement that the government puts forward. It often solidifies someone or something’s contribution to the city. In my process of making this website I will curate the information from sources like the Portland government website, the Oregon legislature website, academic articles, other government resources, encyclopedias, and podcasts. After my website is complete, I will publicize it by marketing it to my school through email, posters, and social media.