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Yojith Maddala

Class of 2025Katy, Texas



  • "Design, Development and Optimization of a Robotics Car" with mentor Morteza (Aug. 28, 2023)

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Design, Development and Optimization of a Robotics Car

Started June 5, 2023

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The discipline of autonomous robotics has made large dramatic advancements over the past decades. It has made a broader grip on our everyday lives ranging from daily household activities to industrial manufacturing to scientific fields, the scope is massive. In this research paper, we develop and engineer a remote-controlled car. Next, we develop different ways of modifying design features such as motors, sensors, batteries, etc., to optimize its performance. An experimental methodology is applied in this scenario to collect data and process it through sensors attached to the robot. The robot used for this experiment will be a Bluetooth-controlled robotic car that has the ability to track and follow line paths and use ultrasound waves for object detection. The results of this study could contribute to the design and development of robotic devices for multi-purpose applications.