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Polygence Scholar2023
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Viranshi Vira

Class of 2024Los Angeles, California

Project Portfolio

Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality: Social and Clinical Considerations

Started May 5, 2023

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Abstract or project description

Studies show that Black women have a higher rate of maternal mortality than white women. A review of the causes of maternal deaths shows that many are preventable. Black women experience pregnancy complications at a higher rate and experience a difference in the quality of care they receive from medical professionals compared to white women due to stereotypes and implicit biases about Black women present in the medical field. This paper examines the societal and racial inequities that contribute to this difference in pregnancy experiences and highlights possible solutions. Strategies to reduce maternal mortality rates in Black women include increased awareness and preparation of healthcare providers of specific complications(such as cardiovascular-related problems) and a decrease in prejudiced interactions between healthcare providers and Black patients.