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Polygence Scholar2021
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Vasanth Gogineni

Greenwood High International SchoolClass of 2023Bangalore, Karnataka



  • "Optimizing Satellite Trajectories For Optimal Communication Across Planets" with mentor Maitreya (Dec. 22, 2021)

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Optimizing Satellite Trajectories For Optimal Communication Across Planets

Started Oct. 15, 2021

Abstract or project description

With an increasing number of satellites being launched from Earth, the future of communication in space depends on quick algorithms that can estimate when and where it is best to communicate to a satellite around, for example, Mars.

Given a solar system, which consists of a number of stably orbiting planets, star(s), and satellites orbiting planets with some degree of control over their thrust, we want the satellites (around various planets) to rendezvous or communicate occasionally.

First, we simulated the orbital mechanics of satellites and planets in the solar system using VPython, a simulation tool in Python. Using an optimization tool named GEKKO, we are currently transferring the simulation into a mathematical form. The new GEKKO model can be manipulated to handle as many satellites and planets as needed and is finally used to optimize parameters to find the optimum rendezvous point.

This complex system needs to consider the fuel constraints of satellites, trajectory of satellites required to cover areas of interest of different planets, planet positions, and other factors.

By converting the underlying math into a set of equations, we are attempting to develop a suitable algorithm for communication and the future of communication in space.