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Polygence Scholar2021
Skye Anne Dragon's profile

Skye Anne Dragon

Hereford High SchoolClass of 2022Pikesville, Maryland



Skye Anne's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

Creative Writing Project Inspired by World Literatures

Started Mar. 27, 2020

Abstract or project description

Explore in more depth one of the settings discussed and write a short story in that place and time period using literary devices we have discussed over the course of the sessions. You may also rewrite a short story we have discussed or add an alternate ending or section. (4-6 pages double-spaced)

Project Portfolio

Grammer is [REDACTED] and Here's Why

Started July 9, 2020

Abstract or project description

A presentation for the upcoming symposium, based on Skye's interest in the English language, and how it affects its speakers. This presentation will discuss the nuanced history of grammar, and how it intersects with both race and class privilege.