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Siri Vadlamudi

Lexington High SchoolClass of 2024Lexington, MA


Hello! My name is Siri Vadlamudi, and I am currently a high school student. I have great interest in the Neuroscience field specifically how changes to the brain affect our behavior. I have completed a project where I wrote a review paper on how the environment around us affects mechanisms in our brain which in turn affect our symptoms of depression.

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The effect of environmental factors on neurobiology and depressive symptoms: A narrative review

Started Sept. 13, 2022

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Depression and anxiety are among the leading mental illnesses in America, however, their root cause remains relatively unclear in terms of neurological function. This review paper aims to explore how certain environmental factors, specifically the physical environment, stress, familial interactions and relationships, and social relationships, can affect neurological function in the brain, and possibly increase symptoms of depression and risk for depression. Future directions are also discussed with respect to whether there are certain changes or improvements that can be made to our environments in order to preserve and maintain healthy neurological function, reducing the likelihood of developing mental illnesses.