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Precious Ogunsakin

Class of 2024Hazlet, NJ


Hi! My name's Precious and my Polygence research paper is on reality shifting and its relation to psychosis. I chose to work on this project because reality shifting has always been an intriguing phenomenon that I believe could have damaging effects on mental health. I wanted to thoroughly research this practice and the people that practice it. After my project is complete, I would like to have it published so practitioners can have a better understanding of the practice and its pontentially harmful effects.


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Reality Shifting in Relation to Induced Psychosis

Started Jan. 13, 2023

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Abstract or project description

This research paper will explore the concept of reality shifting. In the first part of the paper, the definition of reality shifting will be provided as well as the scope of this practice, the subcultures associated with this practice, and the various methods typically used by practitioners (e.g., individual practices, cognitive and somatic techniques, etc). The second part of the paper will examine the relationship between reality shifting and the related phenomenon of induced psychosis. Specifically, the similarities and differences between these practices as well as the risks of engaging in such practices will be discussed.