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Kyle Nguyen

Saint Francis High SchoolClass of 2023Fremont, CA



  • "An Economic Approach to Solving Issues of Single Parenthood" with mentor Joseph (Aug. 16, 2022)

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An Economic Approach to Solving Issues of Single Parenthood

Started Apr. 29, 2022

Abstract or project description

Using basic statistics and comparisons of GDP rates in states and income rates for families within these states, Kyle will highlight the disparities between states in different regions, such as the Northeast and the South. His research aims to discern whether there is a link between these rates and rates of single parenthood. He aims to highlight the issues that come with single parenthood and find a solution to these issues through policy and the law. To that end, he will craft realistic economic government policy strategies to find a solution to these issues by increasing employment rates, and diversifying available fields for specialized workers. He will research and use examples of existing policy to bolster his own ideas, and will make use of comparative statistics to both find challenges to his policy and to argue its effectiveness compared to other possibilities.