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Polygence Scholar2023
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Ian Kim

Class of 2025Irvine, CA


Hello! My name is Ian and I have an interest in cognitive science as well as the applications of it. I hope to learn a lot during my time at Polygence!

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How can metacognition be used to maximize learning?

Started Mar. 7, 2023

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How can metacognition be used to maximize learning? As society progressively advances at an exponentially faster rate in this age of information, being able to quickly and efficiently learn new things is something that has become more relevant than ever. Because of this, this paper seeks to create an evidence-based study system with an emphasis on metacognitive learning techniques in order to facilitate learning and higher order thinking in the most optimal way possible. Through thorough research of both active and metacognitive learning techniques, this review paper can assist every kind of learner, from students to people in the workforce.