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Polygence Scholar2022
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hope natukunda

manheim township high schoolClass of 2025lancaster, PA


Hello! My name is Hope and my project focuses on the effects of physical activity and music on memory-loss. It is well known that both music and exercise considerably help memory, but the question is how long this benefit lasts when memory loss occurs. I wondered if combining these two exercises would boost their overall effectiveness.

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What significant ways can aerobic exercise and classical music both support long-term memory improvement after the onset of anterograde amnesia?

Started June 23, 2022

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Memory loss known as anterograde amnesia happens when you are unable to create new memories. Essentially, losing the capacity to learn or remember information. Growing numbers of the next generation could have cognitive impairment, despite the fact that it is quite rare. Considering the advantages of music and exercise, which are available to people of all ages, we can take steps to prevent cognitive decline or even avoid it entirely by determining whether combining physical activity and music better results in long-term impacts on memory improvement. Focusing on other resources to emphasize these benefits and employing conceptual and empirical designs may be lacking in consistency and precision in cognitive result measurements, but looking at both sides will illustrate all of the components of the experiment, leaving nothing out. Furthermore, few studies compare music and exercise side by side. In order to determine the best exercise intensity, procedure, and music for the regulation of long-term memory, this study will provide a standard systematic design and directly compare it to various benefits.