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Polygence Scholar2021
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Erita Chen

Hong Kong International SchoolClass of 2021Hong Kong, Hong Kong



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Social Programming for Townships: Where do Arts NGOs Fit?

Started June 30, 2020

Abstract or project description

My project investigates the role performing arts NGOs play in empowering underserved youths in South Africa. By examining the cases of two highly impactful arts NGOs, Jazzart Dance Theatre and the Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation, I found that these organizations' students are more effectively able to engage in school, find meaningful employment, and reject criminality than most township youths. Through holistically incorporating programmes centered on mental health and life skills into their arts curriculum, the NGOs have established a three-pronged approach—teaching the arts, communication, and health—that successfully deters students from high-risk behavior. Ultimately, performing arts education is a unique and necessary tool for youth empowerment, especially in disadvantaged communities.