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Chloe Juni

Class of 2024San Ramon, California


My current project focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of school-based mental health services in my region for Filipino-American youth, as well as what policies can help improve these services. I chose to do this project because I am passionate about mental health advocacy and I want to be able to help my community. After my project is complete, I hope that my research can be published and used to make improvements for school services in the future.

Project Portfolio

Improving Mental Health Services for Filipino-American Adolescents in the Bay Area: Addressing Disparities

Started Apr. 14, 2023

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Abstract or project description

The historical backdrop of colonization, discrimination, and the unique challenges of adolescence has significantly impacted the mental health of Filipino-American youth. Moreover, Filipino-Americans face additional hurdles in accessing mental health services due to cultural values and financial constraints. This study highlights the importance of improving school-based mental health services to eliminate the barriers that Filipino-American youth experience when attempting to access the mental health services they need. In addition to providing mental health care that is culturally competent and catered to the needs of Filipino-American youth, this paper argues that a comprehensive solution extends beyond cultural competency by addressing the systemic factors that perpetuate disparities and hinder accessibility to mental health services. This paper delves into the specific geographic region of the Bay Area in California, which has a substantial Filipino-American population. This paper analyzes previous studies on Filipino-American psychology, as well as academic research, journals, data tools, and fact sheets.