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Anoushka Chaudhury

Class of 2025Bangalore, Karnataka


Hello! My name is Anoushka and my project was building a quantum circuit simulator that tracks the back-end math of quantum algorithms. I chose this topic to better understand the nuances of quantum computation and to understand what makes quantum computers so computationally powerful. After this project I would like to continue to delve into quantum computation as it is certain to be a huge part of our future.


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QPy - A Quantum Circuit Simulator using Python

Started Aug. 21, 2023

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Quantum computing promises an exponential speedup improvement in the time required to solve certain computational problems by leveraging the principles of quantum mechanics. While the potential power of quantum computers is well-established, their practical implementation poses significant challenges ranging from scalability to decoherence and noise. This paper presents QPy, a Python-based quantum circuit simulator that I programmed and designed to track the quantum state of a model quantum computer through the application of quantum gates to qubits. By performing the requisite matrix calculations, the simulator facilitates the understanding of quantum algorithms through the visualization of the underlying mathematics. This tool enables researchers to explore and implement various quantum protocols efficiently to test and build algorithms.