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Fall 2023

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Class of 2026basking ridge, NJ



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Biomimetics- Key to better Space Suit Design

Started May 31, 2023

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Current space suits are expensive, bulky, and hard to maintain. Space exploration will greatly benefit from advancements in space suit technology that allow for greater safety and mobility. Using biomimetics, implementing bio-inspired adaptations of flora and fauna into technology emphasizes the possibility of enhancing our modern-day space suits and revolutionizing the exploration of outer space. The research consists of a review of the current technology conducted to form a baseline and understand current issues and limitations of space suits. The research resulted in understanding four prevalent concerns in space suits for space exploration: Radiation, thermoregulation, debris avoidance, and maneuverability. The research conducted involves the study of natural and biological organisms that have shown evolutionary success in solving these challenges. The research includes practically testing these solutions using three-dimensional printing and home science equipment. This paper begins by examining the high amounts of radiation and biomimetic suits crafted from radioprotective designs and materials. Several lifeforms on Earth can maintain thermoregulation even in the most extreme climates similar to space. The ever-growing debris in space poses a daunting obstacle to lightweight and flexible suits drawn from natural systems combat. Maneuverability poses an important criterion for the success of a space suit to allow the astronaut a larger range of motion outside of the shuttle to make repairs and conduct experiments. The research showed that biomimetics can be a powerful resource to model the next generation of space suits, resolving problems around radiation, thermoregulation, debris avoidance, and maneuverability. The research provides various flora and fauna with these characteristics and demonstrates potential for practical application. In conclusion, the research findings highlight the immense benefits of biomimetics in modern space suits.