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Fall 2024

Aarav will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, September 21st! To attend the event and see Aarav's presentation.

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Aarav Jaichand

Class of 2028Hoboken, New Jersey


Hello, my name is Aarav and my Polygence project is on using deep-learning models to classify news articles into different categories. I have also written a paper that delves into the performance of my models as well as models from other organizations. In addition, I also made a GitHub repository with my code.


  • "Using Machine Learning to Classify News Articles" with mentor Efthimios (July 3, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Using Machine Learning to Classify News Articles

Started Mar. 25, 2024

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Abstract or project description

This research paper delves into various approaches and techniques for classifying news articles into different categories using machine learning and which ones resulted in the best outcome. We tested various models for this classification task. We used 4 models in total, including two that we created ourselves with the library SciKit Learn, and the other two, we found on HuggingFace, which we fine-tuned for our specific task. The best-performing model for this task was one of the deep learning models (Mini LM) from HuggingFace, which had an accuracy of 75.42% out of the 10,000 articles it was tested on. This model was also one of the most diminutive models that we used for classifying news articles.