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Cameron M

- Research Program Mentor

PhD at University of Florida (UF)


3D bioprinting, biophysics, tissue engineering,


Hello! My name is Cameron and I'm a posdoc at the University of California, Berkeley. I did my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, where I studied collective cell behavior in 3D bioprinted environments. Outside the lab, I like spending time outdoors to do things like hike, golf, go to the beach, and ski/snowboard. Looking forward to working with you!

Project ideas

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Bioprinting review article

Write a review article on different types of bioprinting applications. Over the past few years, bioprinting has become increasingly popular. With so many new approaches, each will have its own inherent benefits and pitfalls. A review highlighting which bioprinting method best fits a current clinical need could be beneficial to medical professionals unfamiliar with the applicability of such technologies.

Image analysis and generating 3D printing trajectories

Many software packages exist to convert clinical data acquired via MRI or CT scan to 3D models and subsequently 3D printing instructions. While these software packages can be useful, they often are accompanied with bugs that are difficult to troubleshoot. Developing the skill of generating printed structure trajectories could be useful for future 3D printing work.

Coding skills


Teaching experience

Most recently, I have served as an research education for undergraduates (REU) mentor during the summer of 2019. During my graduate program, I was a TA for two semesters in Vibrations and Mechanics of Materials Lab. During my undergraduate program, I was an academic peer coach, where we aided students who struggled in high school to transition into a Bachelor's degree program.


Work experience

University of California, Berkeley (2020 - Current)
Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Colorado at Boulder and Colorado Mesa University
BS Bachelor of Science (2016)
Mechanical Engineering
University of Florida (UF)
MS Master of Science (2018)
Mechanical Engineering
University of Florida (UF)
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Mechanical Engineering

Completed Projects

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