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Want to get a taste of what the finance industry is like?

Wow college admissions by showcasing your passion for finance with a detailed analysis of a specific company or industry.

Work with an expert mentor and a group of peers over 6 weeks to create this project you can add to your college application.

Cohort is limited to 6 students.

Meet for 6 weekly sessions.

Tuition is just $495

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Analyze a stock: Learn how Covid and AI have impacted investment strategy

You will learn the fundamental concepts of investing in the stock market, including how to analyze and evaluate companies, assess market trends and risks, and develop a personal investment strategy. You will also explore the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and engage disruptive new technologies like AI-based investment tools. This will  enable you to develop a deep understanding of a company or industry that you are personally passionate about.

Starts June 1, 2023 (Six sessions)

Date + Time Thursday, 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Group size 3-6 students

Outcome A finely tuned analysis of a specific industry or company

Tuition $495



Artificial Intelligence

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Next cohort starts: Week of June 4, 2023 (Six sessions)

Student success through group learning and collaboration

Build a meaningful outcome

Project outputs vary project-to-project, but all students produce their own, unique final product at the end of the 6 weeks.

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Explore an exciting topic of your interest

We have expert mentors available in topics ranging from Computer Science and ML, to Finance, to Literature and Storytelling!

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Do more with a condensed timeframe

Highly concentrated content that doesn't drag out over months. The sessions occur weekly over 5-6 weeks so you can easily incorporate them into your busy schedule.

Why Polygence?

Polygence alumni reported a 91% acceptance rate to R1 universities

Success starts with following your passion

We believe students achieve their best outcomes when they follow their authentic passions. We help you discover and grow in topics of your interest!

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Expert mentors from top universities

Polygence mentors are selected based on their exceptional academic background, teaching experience, and unique ability to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers.

84% of Polygence students reported being more optimistic about their academic future

Develop your academic confidence

Polygence students reported that work with their mentor made them feel more optimistic and more in control of their academic future!

What people are saying:

"My research experience was always the #1 item on the experiences and activity sections, above all my internships. More generally, it really boosted my confidence while applying to top schools, and does so even now that I'm in college. I don't feel like I'm a total beginner and feel confident about approaching classes at Berkeley having had a little experience in the field."

- Arihant, Polygence student

"I got an internship at a Biotechnology lab. One of the main reasons I got in was because of the research proposal you helped me with! I submitted it and they were thoroughly impressed. I wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help!"

- Sanshray, Polygence student

"We’ve had great success in our students working on projects that they’ve submitted to a variety of journals, conferences, competitions, science fairs, and more. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in Polygence to guide, mentor, and help our students demonstrate and showcase the depth of their knowledge to stand out to programs, internships, and in the college admissions process."

- William Chung, Head of College Counseling, Zenith Prep Academy

Stand out to College Admissions

Polygence students are 4x more likely to get accepted to a Top 25 University. Set the foundations to your future career in finance today. Boost your college application with a mentor-guided passion project.