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Paths to Resilience

How Passion Projects, Positive

Storytelling and Portfolios Can

Support Student Mental Health

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Key takeaways

1. Young people are experiencing an ongoing crisis of mental health.

2. Embracing passions and telling positive stories about ourselves is a proven way to combat emotional challenges and develop resilience.

3. Practicing self reflection by writing essays or building portfolios can help students find meaning beyond their academic achievements.

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As the covid pandemic ebbs and schools return more or less to normal, another epidemic continues to afflict students: a crisis of mental health. This white paper outlines the scope of this problem and, importantly, provides actionable steps to help educators support positive student outcomes. Download this paper to learn:

  • The scope of the student mental health crisis from Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and other sources

  • The ways positive psychology-based storytelling can make students measurably more optimistic about their studies

  • The number one ingredient a clinical psychotherapist recommends for student success

  • The way to build an effective portfolio with insights from a University of Virginia Professor of Architecture

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