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Why Feedback is so Important

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Key takeaways

1. Teachers, counselors, and mentors need to make student feedback targeted, focused, actionable, and timely in order to be effective 

2. If feedback meets these criteria, it can help students to overcome common mental health challenges like impostor syndrome

3. Through a cutting-edge, peer-reviewed study with Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, Polygence continues to improve the quality of its mentorship programs

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As any seasoned teacher will tell you, giving feedback to students is one of the most important parts of their job. But delivering the right kind of feedback at the right time is much easier said than done. In this white paper, we define the most important kinds of pedagogical feedback as well as 4 traits that can help teachers, mentors, and counselors deliver it more effectively. We also describe cutting-edge collaborations between Polygence and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Texas Austin that measurably enhance teaching and learning on our research platform. Download this paper to learn: 

  • Why proper feedback is essential for student learning and growth 

  • Four proven criteria that make feedback more effective 

  • How new technologies are empowering teachers to give better feedback and students to develop a growth mindset

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