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The Polygence Scholars Foundation

The Polygence Scholars Foundation provides full scholarships to our Core, 10-session research program for high-achieving, financially qualifying student families.

The income threshold for this need-based program is under $50,000 USD of annual family income. We also offer financial aid to families making under $90,000 annually through our core application. 

The Foundation holds biannual application cycles, one in the winter and one in the summer. Each cohort consists of around 10 students from around the world. Every student completes their own independent research project 1:1 with a Polygence mentor on a subject of their choosing. Comprising ten (10), 1-hour mentoring sessions, this Core research program is self-paced and is typically completed within 3-6 months. 

Scholars also are expected to participate in several remote group sessions during the course of their research. They will share stories about themselves, describe their projects, and offer feedback and support to their peers. 

Program Criteria

Here are the required materials for application: 

  • Proof of Financial Need (tax return, free and reduced lunch waiver, other income verification)

  • Application Essay (under 500 words) addressing the following 5 questions: 

  1. What is your project idea or area of interest?

  2. What experience do you have that prepares you for this project?

  3. How will your Polygence project contribute to your long term academic and career goals? 

  4. How will your Polygence project support communities in need, public health, or the common good? 

  5. Why do you believe Polygence can help you achieve your goals?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear From Past Scholarship Students:

About Polygence

Polygence is an online mentorship platform that helps students turn their passions into unique research projects. Founded by researchers from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford, our mission is to democratize access to research experiences for students around the United States and the world.

Based on Gold Standard Project-Based Learning curricula, our programs match intellectually curious students with PhD-level mentors to design experiments, build robots, create podcasts, write original screenplays, and publish in peer-reviewed journals in all fields from the Humanities to STEM.