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Polygence Scholar2022
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Yousuf Shaik

Archbishop Mitty High SchoolClass of 2023



  • "The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Political Polarization in the United States" with mentor Tosen (Aug. 26, 2022)

Project Portfolio

The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Political Polarization in the United States

Started May 17, 2022

Abstract or project description

Following highly publicized recent events such as the controversial 2020 presidential campaign, and the ensuing January 6th attacks on the Capitol, the condition of U.S. politics has undoubtedly been called into question. A major underlying cause behind this political instability is the phenomena known as political polarization. This paper examines political polarization through three facets; its causes, consequences, and finally, potential solutions. Firstly, in terms of the reasons behind the spread of polarization, we examine key areas which include the flaws within our current political system, the media relation to politics, and inherent psychological factors. It is important to acknowledge these causes as a means to comprehend how and why the problem has reached its current point. Subsequently, we look at various impacts that occur as a result of each cause, namely the effects it has on the productivity of government institutions, the spread of misinformation, and our social relationships. In turn, this allows us to put the aforementioned events, as well as numerous other instances into perspective in order to shed light on the extent of the problem. Lastly, we look at both existing and proposed solutions to address the respective causes, considering innovations in the political system, highlighting ways to oppose misinformation, and exploring the practice of deliberative democracy. In considering the importance of a strong political backbone on everyday life, it is imperative to look at what can be done to combat political polarization, and in the process, attempt to restore the state of American politics.