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Polygence Scholar2022
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Vu Thu

Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the GiftedClass of 2022Hanoi, none



  • "The relation between Buddhist belief and socio-economic class in Hanoi, Vietnam." with mentor Lulie (Sept. 23, 2022)

Project Portfolio

The relation between Buddhist belief and socio-economic class in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Started Apr. 19, 2022

Abstract or project description

In my project, I will examine the strength of belief in Buddhism among different socio-economic classes in Hanoi, Vietnam. The results will be achieved by interviewing people from a range of socio-economic classes and incomes, as well as monks to determine their experience and faith in Buddhism. I will conduct participant observation with a description of a visit to two particular pagodas located in Hanoi. This will allow me to elaborate on Buddhists’ daily practice by the people encountered at such places. In addition, I will use details extracted and analysed from multiple sources, namely articles and books exploring Buddhism in terms of history, practice and values. From this research, I hope to determine the impacts of socio-economic class in Vietnam on the level of belief in Buddhism. With my findings, I will write a research paper that I wish to publish in High school Journal.