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Vivian Dong

Class of 2024Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania


Hi! My name is Vivian and I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan and I love to read and swim as well!


  • "How and to what extent do sociocultural factors trigger postpartum depression?" with mentor Makenna (Aug. 30, 2023)

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How and to what extent do sociocultural factors trigger postpartum depression?

Started Apr. 27, 2023

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Postnatal Depression or “baby blues” is a serious medical condition that causes intense feelings of anxiety, sadness and tiredness in mothers following childbirth. The condition affects 1 in 7 women in the US, up to 15% of all mothers. The condition is caused by many overlapping factors, including chemical imbalances in the brain and hormonal changes in the body which have been studied extensively in women who experience postpartum depression. Less research exists on the sociocultural factors of new mothers' living conditions, and how they affect the development and severity of postpartum depression. In this article, we will study the socio-cultural factors that trigger postpartum depression, such as maternal mental health and fatigue. The effects of postpartum depression endanger both the mother and the child and its causes must be studied extensively in order to provide proper effective maternal support and care to ensure healthy parents and children.