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Vinay Panchal

Hillsborough High SchoolClass of 2024Hillsborough, New Jersey


Hello! My name is Vinay Panchal and my Polygence project is on a 24/7 Renewable Energy Source. I chose to work on/build this project because I am interested in finding ways to conserve energy. After my project is complete, I hope to publish my lab report and hope to complete another Polygence project. Specifically speaking, I was thinking of maybe writing a research paper on gene editing softwares (such as CRISPR).


  • "Unlimited Energy: 24/7 Renewable Energy Source" with mentor Colin (Apr. 23, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Unlimited Energy: 24/7 Renewable Energy Source

Started June 29, 2022

Abstract or project description

While trying to construct a 24/7 Renewable Energy Source, a heavily-considered question began to emerge: What type and size battery, along with solar panel, is needed in order to provide a continuous energy supply? To solve this problem, I have had to go through a long and challenging process of research and data analysis. Specifically speaking, with my research results, I was able to conclude that a secondary battery was needed for this project and not a primary battery, considering the fact that secondary batteries are rechargeable whereas primary batteries are not. On top of that, I had to consider what type of secondary battery to use. After further research, it was evident that a Lead-Acid Battery would most suit this project, as it has a long lifetime and produces great results at an extremely low price. (For experimental purposes, however, a Lithium-Ion Battery was used as well.) From there, using the SunPower App — which was used to see the power produced by my home solar panels in a certain period of time — I was able to learn about as well as predict the average power produced per week. Ultimately, with this information, I was able to conclude what battery size to use for this project, helping me to successfully carry out a 24/7 Renewable Energy Source!