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Spring 2024

Vignesh will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, March 23rd! To attend the event and see Vignesh's presentation.

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Vignesh Rajagopalan

Class of 2026Cupertino, CA



  • "Mathematics of complex trait heritability" with mentor Connor (Working project)

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Mathematics of complex trait heritability

Started July 29, 2023

Abstract or project description

Interpretation of GWAS is hindered by inaccurate estimates of the effect size of identified loci. Genetic differences between populations compound the problem by decreasing GWAS portability. Complex traits exhibit "missing heritability" wherein the combined effect of GWAS loci does not account for the traits' empirical heritability. Various mathematical and statistical approaches have been proposed to improve these estimates and strengthen the predictive power of polygenic risk scores. In this project, Vignesh will employ several such methods and evaluate their performance in the context of several complex traits.