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Valeria Ramirez

Clovis North High SchoolClass of 2024Fresno, California

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The neglected mental health crisis: how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted minority groups and youth in the United States

Started Feb. 26, 2022

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Paragraph student wrote: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused various challenges throughout our society and health care system: the most overlooked being how our youth, especially marginalized youth and minority communities have been affected. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in mental health deterioration across the general US population but has seemed to impact the youth/minority populations strongly. Little research has been done to investigate the pandemic's effects on these groups who are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges. Pre-pandemic, research has shown that minority groups and youth are more susceptible to higher quantities of mental health issues, more commonly, depression and anxiety, along with economic disparity that results in inaccessibility to crucial resources. This article discusses the harmful effects the pandemic has had on youth/minority groups and raises potential solutions that may alleviate stress and suggestions to improve our healthcare/ mental health services and education system.