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Polygence Scholar2024


Class of 2023Mugla, Mugla



  • "Development of a code repository for pedagogical learning" with mentor Clark (Jan. 18, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Development of a code repository for pedagogical learning

Started July 7, 2023

Abstract or project description

This project is an impressive advancement in solar energy research presenting a versatile software package which is cost-free for use in comprehensive photovoltaic data analysis. It counteracts the issues that occur with expensive commercial software, providing scientists and students with invaluable tools. The project began by amalgamating open-source current-voltage and power-time data from different universities, transforming plain text files into a sorted CSV structure by resolution of Python's Pandas library. The data was then assigned into DataFrames for crafting multiple graphical figures utilizing Plotly and dispensing interactivity with offline interactive graphics. An interactive current-voltage chart was spontaneously formulated to promote an improved user experience. Power-time analysis necessitated daily storing of power data, necessitating more data adjustment and conversion to CSV structure, making sure precision in the ensuing graphs. Both current-voltage and power-time scripts were combined into a simple-to-use package with PySimpleGUI. After assessment, the program showed its usefulness in executing the Fill Factor (FF) examination, obtaining an accurate FF calculation of 0.74, verifying its significance in empirical examination. This Multi-Package Program drastically alters solar energy data processing, getting rid of financial impediments, accelerating analysis, and motivating diversity and access in solar energy research. In the future, a dedicated website is being organized to increase the user base and effects on the domain. Keywords : Physics, Python software, Photovoltaic Analysis, Multi-Package Program, Solar energy