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Usman Khan

Waubonsie Valley High SchoolClass of 2023Naperville, ILLINOIS



  • "Assessing public perceptions on bacteriophage therapy. " with mentor Eliotte (Sept. 9, 2022)

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Assessing public perceptions on bacteriophage therapy.

Started Apr. 11, 2022

Abstract or project description

Given the rise in multiple drug resistant bacterial infections, finding new methodologies to treat these infections is imperative. Bacteriophage (viruses that infect bacterial cells) were used as a treatment for bacterial infections prior to the advent and mass production of antibiotics, and are slowly making a comeback as a viable treatment option. However, there are several social problems that may impact the viability of bacteriophage therapy in the future including (but not limited to): communist origins, perception of viruses as a result of the COVID pandemic, spread of misinformation on the internet, trust between the public and scientists. This research project will aim to assess the public perception of phage therapy and develop an argument in response to hesitancy.