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Polygence Scholar2021
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Ulrico Zampa

Harrow SchoolClass of 2024



  • Powered Sled with mentor Michael (Sept. 15, 2021)

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Powered Sled

Powered Sled

Abstract or project description

In my project I built a sled with a motor powered propeller, so I can use it on snow and ice. The sled was originally made to just go down a snowy hill but it was quite boring after a while, so I decided to make it powered. Firstly, I made a wooden structure on the sled so I could mount the motor and then I put a potentiometer on the sled's steering wheel to control the speed of the motor which is important for speeding up and slowing down. I also used a esc (electronic speed controller) and an Arduino to connect to my potentiometer inputs to motor speed and this way I can manually control the speed of the sled. My setup includes two 5S (cell) batteries connected in series to a 120amp esc. The esc was then attached to a 50cc brushless outrunner motor. The Arduino with the potentiometer was connected to the esc. With this project I can use this sled not only downhill, but also on flat parts of land. This makes it possible to travel fast on snow from one place to another.