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Tiffany Phan

Temple City High SchoolClass of 2025Temple City, California



  • "Effects of Mental Health Among Vietnamese Americans" with mentor Ollie (Aug. 10, 2022)

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Effects of Mental Health Among Vietnamese Americans

Started Feb. 6, 2022

Abstract or project description

In the United States, immigrants make up a large percentage of the community. Vietnamese-American immigrants make up a large part of these communities. Refugees and immigrants are prone to experiencing traumatic events, whether it be pre-migration or post-migration, yet trauma-based research on Vietnamese Americans specifically has been minimal. Thus, it is important to understand how the trauma they may have experienced affects them, and how these effects may trickle down into future generations, and so forth.

In this paper, we researched and discussed the following questions: What are the long-term effects of traumatic experiences on the brain, primarily among Vietnamese American immigrants and refugees, and how do these traumatic experiences affect the following generations?

We found that though mental health issues are prominent in this community, mental health resources are underutilized. This is the result of cultural stigmas surrounding the idea of mental health, as well as a lack of understanding regarding mental health issues. It is therefore important to raise awareness in order to combat the stigma of mental health in this community. Though mental health issues are prominent within this community, Vietnamese Americans are often reluctant to discuss their issues and seek help. As a result, many do not get the help they need, and mental health issues continue to arise within this ethnic group. The stress this places on familial and societal relationships among this community goes on to affect those who did not face any traumatic event as well. This further allows the cycle of intergenerational trauma to continue, affecting future generations.