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Thenthamizh SS

-Class of 2022Gurugram, Haryana



  • "Neocolonialism in South Asia: Shifting Power Dynamics, Geopolitical Rivalry & Trade Ties" with mentor Czarina (Working project)

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Neocolonialism in South Asia: Shifting Power Dynamics, Geopolitical Rivalry & Trade Ties

Started Mar. 1, 2022

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States in Asia, Africa and South America have long been subject to exploitation and manipulation by states in the northern part of the Brandt line. Contrary to what one might think this suggests, this is a practice continued even post independence for those countries who were colonies. This is what ‘neocolonialism’ refers to and encompasses the external influencing of a state’s foreign, economic and political policy & exploits its resources in a manner that only benefits what can be called the influencer state.This research paper would dig deep into three ways in which the phenomenon manifests: shifting power dynamics and socioeconomic vulnerabilities, geopolitical rivalry and trade ties.