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Tejas Oberoi

Los Altos High SchoolClass of 2023



  • "Analyzing Baseball Pitch Data to Identify Effective Defensive Factors" with mentor Sam (Working project)

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Analyzing Baseball Pitch Data to Identify Effective Defensive Factors

Started Mar. 18, 2022

Abstract or project description

In baseball, there are many factors that determine the outcome of every pitch and every at-bat during a particular game. For instance, every pitch has features, such as its release velocity, spin rate, pitch type, and more, that control the result of the thrown pitch. In addition, every swing has its own factors that determine the result of the at-bat, whether it is a strikeout, ground-out, hit, or home-run. To minimize the probability of batters getting on base, teams also change their fielding arrangements using various methods like an “infield shift”, or a special strategic arrangement to account for a specific hitter’s weaknesses. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze all of these factors for every pitch and at-bat for every game in a baseball season in order to predict which factors are the most impactful in improving the results of a team’s defense/worsening the results of a team’s offense.