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Polygence Scholar2022
Teesha Sreeram's profile

Teesha Sreeram

Cupertino high schoolClass of 2022SAN JOSE, California



  • "Integrating the 6 dimensions of health into a high school curriculum" with mentor Gabrielle (Jan. 21, 2022)

Teesha's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

Integrating the 6 dimensions of health into a high school curriculum

Started June 21, 2021

Abstract or project description

The focus of Teesha's project is to create a series of workshops about the 6 dimensions of health. Currently, the students in Teesha's high school do not have a curriculum that incorporates health/wellness education. Teesha is designing an 8-week curriculum for a one hour/week course to be utilized by teachers or other health-focused programs or student groups. The curriculum Teesha is creating will be completed as a "manual" which will include information and materials that can be utilized by anyone wanting to utilize this course. Ultimately, Teesha will present the final product to people or groups who may benefit from it.