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Polygence Scholar2021
Tanmay Lakhotia's profile

Tanmay Lakhotia

Irvington High SchoolClass of 2022Fremont, CA


Tanmay is a senior at Irvington High school in Fremont, California. He hopes to major in economics, and some of his interests include macro and micro economics, business economics, as well as finance. He is active in business clubs in his high school, part of the journalism team, and teaches business to middle schoolers. He enjoys reading and watching television in his free time


  • "Mitigating Homelessness in San Francisco: A study of Causes, Existing Policies, and New proposals" with mentor Stephanie (Sept. 29, 2021)

Tanmay's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

Mitigating Homelessness in San Francisco: A study of Causes, Existing Policies, and New proposals

Started May 20, 2021

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Abstract or project description

In this research paper, we explore the causes, current and proposed solutions to mitigate homelessness in San Francisco. First, we take a look at who makes up the homeless population by exploring data on their age, gender, mental health, and other conditions, as well as employment and family backgrounds. This section provides a crucial foundation for the rest of the paper to build on. Then, we consider current causes of homelessness in the city of San Francisco such as high costs of living, drug use, employment, and health. After this, we analyze current policies that aim to address these causes such as drug, theft, and prison reformation policy (Prop 47) and healthcare policies focused on the homeless. In this section, we take a deep look at what forms these policies and address points of failures or shortcomings in them. Finally, by forming new policies around credible data, we suggest tangible propositions that work to mitigate homelessness in this city without placing large burdens on surrounding communities.