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Polygence Scholar2023
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Sotonye Alamina

Glenelg High SchoolClass of 2025Glenwood, Maryland


Hello! I am a sophomore interested in finance and finding ways to reach out to those in need.


  • "How can we improve financial literacy for teens and young adults?" with mentor David (Mar. 19, 2023)

Project Portfolio

How can we improve financial literacy for teens and young adults?

Started July 20, 2022

Abstract or project description

The project included creating a website with information on how people can invest and increase their profit. The blogs on the website include information on basic investments, low-risk investments, and investments that are best to start for teens and young adults. The main targets of the website are teens and young adults so they can start thinking about what they are going to do with their money. The aim of the research and blog is to provide people with knowledge and options to decide where they will be putting their money. The project started off with getting a general understanding of certain types of investments and learning about some ratios. Some investments that can vary in risk are cryptocurrency, buying stocks, and traditional 401k—some calculations like the P/E ratio, compound interest, and EPS. The next step was creating a website to put blog posts about the prior research. The website is called Invest In Your Finances. The website would then be created with Wix and the blog post made along with it. The website includes over 2 pages, including the about page and the home page. The about page is general information on the aim of the website and the home page includes blogs. The starting blog post was the intro which included information on compound interest and why one should invest. There are so many ways to save and invest your money and one should continue to seek ways to further their knowledge on increasing their finances.