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Polygence Scholar2023
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Sophia Alfaro Barillas

Class of 2023Managua, Managua


Hi there! My name is Sophia Alfaro and my project is about researching how the an individual's level of income and education affect the overall health outcomes of Latino and Hispanic populations, specifically in Central America? I decided to work on this project because my career goal is to contribute to advancing healthcare on a global scale. My project will serve as a stepping stone in understanding the type of populations that I aim to work with in the future. My ultimate aspiration is pursuing chemical engineering in college to further learn how I can contribute to society from an engineering perspective.


  • "In what ways does an individual’s level of income and education affect the overall health performance of Latino and Hispanic populations?" with mentor Jacquelyn (Nov. 17, 2023)

Sophia's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

In what ways does an individual’s level of income and education affect the overall health performance of Latino and Hispanic populations?

Started Aug. 10, 2023

Abstract or project description

This study delves into the intricate associations of healthcare outcomes, income, and education within Latino and Hispanic communities in Central America, documenting the persistent healthcare disparities they face. By conducting a comprehensive literature review and meta-analysis on health determinants like lifestyle choices, psychosocial well-being, and healthcare access, the research broadens our understanding of health, income, and education's interconnectedness. Incorporating data from numerous sources, including English and Spanish research papers centered on the Latino and Hispanic demographics, a descriptive analysis was completed.

To examine patterns and potential causal relationships, financial situations in each Central American nation are graphically represented. The study critically expounds on the multifaceted ways socio-economic factors impact health and the pathways through which income and education influence healthcare accessibility, among other aspects.

Furthermore, the research emphasizes the urgent need for targeted interventions and policies, underpinning that improved healthcare accessibility will lead to better health outcomes and lower disease prevalence. It calls for further nuanced research in low-income countries, offering practical strategies for reducing health disparities. Policymakers are urged to mitigate education and income's role in health outcomes, emphasizing the dire need to elevate health equity. Consequently, this study serves as a seminal resource for the ongoing endeavor of ensuring a healthier more equitable life for all, providing academic knowledge that can foster public health equity advancement. It also sets a foundation for interventions aiming to improve healthcare equality within Latino and Hispanic communities and serves as a valuable resource for future community outreach efforts and projects aimed at addressing health disparities.