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Simrah Khan

Class of 2024San Jose, CA



  • "How can AI detect fake news and images?" with mentor Sarah (Oct. 18, 2023)

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How can AI detect fake news and images?

Started Feb. 24, 2023

Abstract or project description

With the rise of the use of AI, a recent issue includes the spread of AI-generated images which increases the risks of misinformation and artist unemployment. This project aims to create a program to handle the increase in ai-generated images with the use of an AI program. The input to the program would be an ai-generated image and the output would be either a categorical value (ai-generated or not ai-generated). We could potentially also output a percentage of how fake it might be instead with a highlighted portion of the image outlining the generated portions. By using a kind of convolutional neural network, the project will most likely use an existing dataset, or maybe combined datasets (either with self-collected or another existing dataset).