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Polygence Scholar2023
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Sidh Shroff

Mercer Island High SchoolClass of 2024Mercer Island, Washington



  • "Classical and Jazz: Where do the Memories Lie?" with mentor Dewey (Jan. 30, 2023)

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Classical and Jazz: Where do the Memories Lie?

Started May 19, 2022

Abstract or project description

In what ways do specific types of music (ex. classical and jazz) outline an individual's memory of an event? Furthermore, how does the application of music to these videos affect a person’s explicit memory of its contents too? To address this, I will apply a range of emotionally valenced music behind a constant video and distribute it to a large population in controlled settings. To pursue the explicit memory of the video, I will send a short follow up survey to discover how much they recalled from their videos. I hypothesize that if both classical and jazz music are tested for both lighter, happy moods and sadder, dark moods, the classical will depict the latter better because of its more serious connotations in society. However, jazz will depict the lighter moods more memorably because of its more relaxed rhythmic feel.