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Siddharth Sivakumar's cover illustration
Polygence Scholar2022
Siddharth Sivakumar's profile

Siddharth Sivakumar

Coppell High SchoolClass of 2023Coppell, TX



  • "Color In Film" with mentor Matthew (Sept. 7, 2022)

Project Portfolio

Color In Film

Started Mar. 9, 2022

Abstract or project description

Sidd is working on a film analysis project, specifically looking at how color is used in film to add depth to the story. He will analyze 3 films, examining how color highlights changes and arcs in the plot and reveals specific character traits. He will then compare and contrast the use of color between movies. The final outcome will be 5-10 minute audio-video piece that will show the results of the analysis and highlight key insights for the audience. The goal is to help other artists apply color more considerately in their own films or photography to enhance the story.