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Shreyas Dillon

Class of 2027



  • "Bell's theorem and entanglement " with mentor Christian (Sept. 14, 2023)

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Bell's theorem and entanglement

Started Apr. 19, 2023

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Entanglement and measurement are two defining features of quantum mechanics that makes the theory "non-classical" and counter to our everyday experience. Physicists and philosophers, including Einstein, have been bothered by the implications of joint measurements of entangled particles for some time. This led to theories attempting to give a more complete picture during measurements of entangled particles. One of the most prominent theories was a class known as "local hidden variable" theories, which assigned an additional, unknowable, quantity to a particle's state. However, John Bell outlined a theory, which has since gained considerable experimental support, which showed that performing joint measurements of entangled particles could be used to disprove any "local hidden variable" theory. In this project, Shreyas will work to outline what Bell's theory is and examine the experimental evidence supporting it.